Crunchy Tales: How A Meat-Eating, Candy-Addicted Girl Got Healthy

To say that Hispanic people love meat would be incorrect. The truth is that we essentially worship it. Regardless of where in Latin America you’re from, or where your heritage is from, you’re bound to grow up eating a lot of meat.

A lot of meat.

It’s sausages and eggs for breakfast, roasted chicken and rice for lunch, maybe some chicken soup at dinner. Snack? Have some jerky!

In my case, it was two-fold. Born in D.C., I was raised in a Hispanic household. My parents are from El Salvador, where pork is king. As such, I got the terrible influence from them and American cuisine. Hot dogs, pepperoni pizza, you know the drill.

By 25, I started to feel it. I wasn’t burning calories like I once had (which mind you, I never had the best metabolism in the first place).

And by 26, I really hit my boiling point. My clothes were snug, and for the first time in my life, I was truly, honestly feeling… gross. I felt heavy, I got winded easily, and I always complained about being tired.

Something had to change, my journey began with the biggest thing I could think of: removing meat from my diet.

And you know what? It was easy. Why, how, I don’t know, but it was like my body felt lighter in a matter of a week.

This, of course, lifted my spirits, and inspired me to change in other ways. I began drinking more water, cut out sugary drinks (mainly juice, since I’d already cut out soda years ago), and tried to elimate as many sweets as I could.

In a month, I’d dropped ten pounds and become addicted to vegetables and fruit. I walked an hour a day, cooked healthier meals at home and even began exploring veggie meat options.

Two months in, and I’d cut out most refined sugars and processed foods. Rather than reach for the convenient box of granola bars and Fiber One brownies, I was reaching for the frozen strawberries and peaches, resulting in a healthier lifestyle, and more budget-friendly choices.

These days, eating right and staying on track with both my body and mind is a primary focus, and one that I love writing about. I began on one end of the spectrum, and now I’m seeing the other end clear in sight.

Although I’m always learning, and having some tougher days, I am fortunate enough to be able to teach others what I know.

And that’s the journey after all isn’t it? To do your best, and continuously learn. To share that knowledge with others and allow yourself to take a page out of their book as well.

I’m super excited to kick-start this blog with you all, and really show my own journey (highs and lows) of everything beauty, lifestyle and food related. It’s my hope that others learn something new, or find inspiration. Hopefully both!