Finding Cruelty-Free Brands Made Easy

One of the first steps toward a healthier lifestyle that I took was switching my makeup to cruelty-free options. As an animal lover, I’d always been against things like animal testing, but in my younger years, it was easy to walk into a drugstore and get cheap makeup instead.

These days, I know a lot more about my skin, health, animal rights and the cost of great cruelty-free makeup, which is actually cheap! Well, some options.

For instance, Nyx and Elf are both commonly found brands, offering products from $2-3 and up. And the brands are cruelty-free!

So, if you’re looking for a huge list of animal-friendly brands, check out Logical Harmony!

Note, however, that not all the brands listed are vegan. Cruelty-free refers to animal testing in laboratories. If you are vegan, as I’m slowly becoming, double-check the brands!