The Truth About Dairy: Why You Should Stop Drinking Cow’s Milk

What’s the primary thing I worry about when I think about how I’m slowly yet surely going vegan? 




Think about the things that involve dairy. Cheese… Yogurt… Ice Cream.


And then you can’t but get depressed, right? Because a girl’s gotta have some ice cream.


Well, that used to be my mentality, and although I haven’t quite cut out some dairy products (cough, cheese, cough), I’m not sweating the ice cream anymore.


Here’s why:

1) Even if you’re not diagnosed, about 3/4 of people lack the enzyme to properly digest cow’s milk. That’s about 98% of Southeast Asia, 90% of Asian-Americans, and the majority of all Jewish, Hispanic, and Indian people.


2) No actual research backs up health benefits that claim to make bones healthy. Seriously, quite the opposite is true: it makes you more likely to have Osteoporosis. It also increases the risk for cancer, which if you research enough, has been linked to a meat-eating diet.


3) Do you know how many hormones are in milk? Estrogen and progesterone, which increase the risk of cancer. Read this and get informed.


Plus, how does drinking milk from a cow make sense? Baby cows need that milk, not us! We get mother’s milk, and get weaned off by a certain age.


Think about it.


So, need some alternatives? I got you.


Try soy, almond, hemp, oat, rice, or coconut milk. There’s also cashew milk, but much along with hemp, it’s rather “meh.”


But hey, that’s just me!


This Vegan Milk Guide should also help out.


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As for my personal favorite, the So Delicious Dairy Free Coconut Milk. Unsweetened (green carton, not the red). Why unsweetened? Because I don’t even have sugar in my coffee, people.


Nope. Zilch.


I keep that sweet stuff to, you know, actual sweets. Or fruit, which is naturally sweet!


Plus if you have cereal, that’s already sweet enough!