The Crunchy Writer’s Fool-Proof Vegan Chocolate Nice Cream | Recipe

I recently wrote a post about the side effects of cow’s milk, and the reasons why dairy is actually quite terrible for you.


In the post, I mentioned how there are alternative ways to have ice cream, one of them being store brought. Such as the So Delicious Dairy-Free Mint Chip, mmm!


But for those of us that want to be able to make things ourselves as well, I’ve decided to show how I make my nice cream:







  • Kitchen Knife
  • Cutting Board
  • Glass Container
  • High-Quality Blender, Or Food Processor




Step 1

Begin by peeling and slicing 2 medium to large bananas. Don’t worry about making them small pieces, you want them bigger, because you want it to be creamy in texture, not liquid.



Step 2

Next, put the bananas in a glass container and chill for 2 hours. Set an alarm clock, or you might forget!


Step 3

Pull bananas out of freezer, drop them into a blender or food processor, add vanilla extract and cacao powder, then purée them.



Note: if you’re using a blender like I am, make sure it’s on a low setting. 2 hours in the freezer is intentional, as the banana won’t liquidize if it’s that frozen.


Step 4

Put the mixture back into the glass bowl, and back into the freezer. Leave it alone for 30 minutes to get it just a bit more firm, so it’s not full-on soft serve. Unless that’s your thing!



Put in a bowl, pull out a spoon, and enjoy knowing you did the planet (and your body) some good.