So Delicious Mocha Almond Fudge | Review

This looks delicious, doesn’t it?


I was walking down the frozen food section of Walmart, picking out my frozen fruit and veggies for the week (did you know this is often a cheaper option then fresh?) when I saw these.


I had to have them. Can you blame me?


So Delicous always puts out amazing products, and they’re one of my favorite vegan brands out there, hands down. Their unsweetened coconut milk is the only milk I ever drink.


So upon seeing these, I quickly grabbed them and put them in the cart. I had to justify the price to myself silently though:


“They’re delicious and this is your only boxed snack, come on.”


Well, after dinner, I ripped one of these open and much to my amazement, something happened: I wasn’t very impressed with the size of it. It was pretty small!


Now I’m all for portion control, I practice that daily, but even I was a little caught off guard.


Thats is when I noticed something else: in the store, they were the healthiest option available from the brand, but once I actually sat down to read the nutrition facts without comparing…


…Not the best.


Maryland freelance writer


10g of fat is rather high considering the size. 12g sugar is a lot. Even 14g carbs is high.


Now I’m not only a veggie, borderline vegan, I’m also a member of Weight Watchers as it helps to keep me accountable. Raised in a Hispanic family with a huge background in the culinary industry, I was never really told to read labels or portion sizes, really. But Weight Watchers has taught me how to measure ingredients, get creative with food options, and most of all, how much is too much of anything.


Why am I telling you this though? Because when I scanned it with my Weight Watchers app, it came up to 9 points. I get 30 points per day, so this was basically a third of my daily diet.


For 9 points, I could have 1/4 cup of barley (4pts), a serving of kidney beans (3-4 pts), a serving of tofu (0 pts) and a fruit smoothie sweetened with 1/2 tsp of agave nectar (2 pts).


So, yes… not the best. This was all crossing my mind as I was looking down at it.


Maryland freelance writer


But out I had to try it, right? It looks amazing and the brand has never let me down.


The Pros


  1. The chocolate coating is to die for.
  2. It’s 100% vegan.
  3. The nuts add a nice crunch to the treat.
  4. There is a mocha swirl in the nice cream when you bite into it.
  5. It may be 9 points on WW, but at least that means it’s a good thing it isn’t any bigger. Pair it with some fruit and you have yourself a filling treat at no additional points.


The Cons


  1. It is still loaded with sugars and fat.
  2. Despite the exterior being so delicious (see what I did there?) the actual nice cream was a little bland. Not overly bland, but certainly not as good and flavorful as the nice cream I make here at home.
  3. It was $4.47 for 4 of these in a box. That’s over $1 per item, which may not seem like much, but there are cheaper options out there. For instance, I pay less than a dollar for bananas, which I use to make nice cream. I get a bigger serving, 0 points on Weight Watchers, no additional fats and sugars, for roughly $3.50 less.


The Verdict


All in all, So Delicious makes amazing products and will keep being my #1 favorite vegan brand, but these left me a little unimpressed. I like them, but I don’t love them, and for the price, I don’t feel like semi enjoying them is enough.


Overall, I think the company thrives on milk alternatives, but I’m a little unsure about their dairy-free ice cream.


At least I have a homemade option that’s super healthy and cruelty-free.