#SaveTheFishes With Me & Sand Cloud!

It shouldn’t be a surprise, the biggest reason why I went vegan, even more my own health, is for animals. There’s nothing in the world that can cheer me up like animals can! 


As a vegan, I already have a low impact just because of the way I eat. I don’t support the meat and dairy industries, I don’t advocate for slaughter or mistreatment of animals, and I am all for faux fur.


But honestly, when I started this blog, I wanted to do something with it. Rather than just put out awesome, valuable information out there for new and long-standing vegans, or any curious onlookers, I wanted to use the blog to help animals, the planet, and just have fun while adapting to a whole new, cruelty-free lifestyle.


So, obviously, I partnered up with Sand Cloud! They are an amazing clothing brand and towel seller that works in tandem with the Marine Conservation Institute. 10% of all profits go toward helping marine research, marine life rescues, and more. You could be helping to save the fishes while shopping!


Sand Cloud


They also work with the Surfrider Foundation, the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, San Diego Coastkeeper, and the Hawaii Wildlife Fund.


sand cloud


At Sand Cloud, you can find t-shirt, tank tops, long-sleeve shirts, towels and accessories. All items help you give back to the ocean, which we’ve taken way too much from!


Check out their Instagram @Sand_Cloud, and their shop. Also, as an added bonus, use the code JenMen25 and save 25% off your order now! 


Give something as a gift, for a birthday or the holidays, or buy something for yourself. Whatever you buy, and whoever you buy it for, you helped save a life!