5 Spooky Halloween Decor Ideas That Aren’t Tacky

Don’t get me wrong, plastic gravestones and burlap spider webs are awesome, but they aren’t exactly… scary, you know? They’re decorations that everyone has.


This got me wondering about my own Halloween decor, and I quickly realized two things: 1) I like spooky stuff in general, so my all-round home decor is already Halloween friendly sort of, and 2) all my actual Halloween decor is either organic, or antique. Real pumpkins, real candles, real spiderwebs (they like my balcony, what can I say?)


So, I decided to extend what I know and see if we can glam up your Halloween party this year!


1) Have Dinner Guests Dine By Candlelight

Halloween Home Decor

Turning on the lights will take everything you used to decorate, and zap out all the magic. Instead, get a giant box of tapered candles and light all of them. Spread them around the room in safe places where they won’t fall. Each one should have a candle holder and be tightly secured.


If you don’t have that many candles, at least concentrate your candles in the middle of your dining room table. Everyone needs to be able to see their food, after all.


Furthermore, if you have lanterns, or artificial ones, you can scatter those around the room, along the walls. Those won’t be a fire hazard!


2) Get Real Pumpkins

Halloween Home Decor

Seriously, fake pumpkins suck. They’re the wrong color, the wrong shape, the wrong finish, and most of all, they make people wonder why on earth you didn’t just go pick some real ones.

Get tiny ones for a dinner table setup, get big ones to put on the floor, and don’t be afraid to pull out that spray paint. If you get clear spay paint and coat the inside of the pumpkin, it will last 2-3 days longer than otherwise. Avoid the soggy pumpkin for as long as you can!


3) Hit Up An Antique or Thrift Shop. Or Grandma’s!

Halloween Home Decor

If you go to the antique shop, or a thrift store, there are a few things you could pick up for cheap. Things like candle holders, tablecloths and tea sets. Old china sets, if you can get your hands on them, can be a gorgeous addition to a kitchen year-round.


I’d honestly kill for an antique tea set, but alas, I have a cast iron Japanese one, so I feel like it’d be throwing money away. *sigh*


Also look for white or beige sheets. Drape them over your furniture so your home looks like it’s been abandoned for a long time. If you find some lanterns, place one in front of each fake gravestone you buy at the store, and surround each with leaves. Leave a shovel out there too. It will at least elevate your tacky gravestone to a new level. Neighbors will be jealous.


4) Think Ghost White

Halloween Home Decor

White lacy tablecloths, white china, and white tapered candles. Everyone goes for the black on black, which is awesome, but white is more believable. It’s ghostly and spooky in a realistic, antique way.


5) Pick Flowers And Let Them Dry Out

Halloween Home Decor

That’s right: pick flowers, tie them up at the stems, and then hang them out to dry. Dead flowers are very Halloween friendly, and they beat all that fake stuff you’d buy at the store. They’re also free.


Unless you buy a flower arrangement and let that dry out, of course. You might have to assuming you have no access to flowers.


Some Additional Tips

  • Pull out any spooky art and display it.
  • Some ornate art frames go a long way!
  • Use any hardcover books. Pile them high, and place some ornate home decor items on them.
  • Play some classic black and white movies. They just have that spooky charm, you know? If movies are too long, try playing The Twilight Zone, it’s on Netflix right now.
  • Serve spooky food! Here are 45 spooky vegan recipes to choose from.