Keeping It Crunchy Cookbook | Recipes

I am so grateful for those who follow the blog and Instagram. The level of support and cheerleading I’ve had since the start of The Crunchy Writer (September 2017) has been amazing, and way more than I thought I’d get.


To keep the momentum going, and give my readers something extra, I’ve been writing my short 8-recipe cookbook geared toward new vegans looking for simple recipes that’ll get their feet wet. My focus was on using a variety of easily found ingredients, such as lentils, rice, peppers and tomatoes, mushrooms and more.


These are some of the recipes that I started my own journey with, and that I still use today as a means of keeping things cheap, simple and honest.


Vegan cooking shouldn’t be hard. It shouldn’t be expensive, and it certainly shouldn’t be composed of super hard to find ingredients that require trips to specialty, pricey stores.


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