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The Thanksgiving Vegan Beauty Guide

If your family is anything like mine, then everyone dresses up for Thanksgiving. In my family, everyone is dressed up to go to the mall, let alone any holiday family get-togethers.


As such, I quickly learned that an easy way to get dressed up without actually going all out, is to…

  1. Make sure your makeup looks flawless
  2. Wear a simple top and jeans as long as you pair it with a fancy, warm cardigan and heeled boots
  3. Pull your hair up, or wear it down but make sure it doesn’t look unkept


But this year, as a vegan, I wanted to do something extra special. I wanted to take this chance to showcase some of my favorite makeup looks that you can recreate with vegan products.




So let’s get crackin’!


The Glowy Goddess

The Crunchy Writer Vegan Blog

Hairstylism actively posts about beauty, fashion and fitness. On the site, there’s an entire posts dedicated to this type of look, which is a bronzed, perfectly contoured and highlighted take on makeup. It’s the Instagram worthy look that most of us really do love.


The trick to this look is to put bronzer all along the jawline, the sides of your face, around the top end of your forehead, right underneath your cheekbones (hollows of your cheeks) and on the sides of your nose. From there, the highlight should focus on the center of your forehead, the bridge of your nose, all the way down to the center of your chin.


It also helps to use a slightly pink-hued highlighter on the apples of your cheeks up to your temples. Always strive toward a shimmery eyeshadow pallette and long lashes.


Products to Look Into


The Minimalist (No-Makeup Makeup)

The Crunchy Writer Vegan Blog

This is a great look for the girl who doesn’t want to wear a face full of makeup. A minimalist look is all about sticking to basics and nothing but the basics. That means no highlight, no bronzer, no lipstick.


All you need is tinted moisturizer, concealer, powder, an eyeliner pencil or eyebrow palette, clear mascara and chapstick. The idea is to put forth a flawless complexion, shiny lips, and full eyebrows with long lashes, but nothing else.


Products to Look Into


The 90’s Beauty

The Crunchy Writer Vegan Blog

If you’re anything like me, whenever you’re not walking around like a bronzed goddess, you’re a 90’s grunge queen. And what better way than capitalizing on that nostalgic factor anyway?


As long as you’re not a poser. If you were born in 1994 or later, just don’t. 


The trick to this look is to opt for a darker lip, long lashes, a clear complexion, no bronzer or highlighter, and of course, a more natural brow (use clear mascara to shape and keep in place). Don’t use shimmery eyeshadow for the look, it’s far more authentic to use a matte palette.


Products to Look Into


The Magical Unicorn

The Crunchy Writer Vegan Blog

I know, I know, unicorn makeup? You think glitter everywhere, and really bright colors, but this is a look you can also dumb down enough to wear to the grocery store. Just opt for holographic tones, some shimmery stuff, but not over the top.


Focus on shimmery lips, highlighter, blush, eyeliner and long lashes, complemented with glittery eyeshadow in pastel colors.


If you want to be risky and elevate the look, opt for glittery mascara, or add some of your own skin-safe makeup glitter to your temples, as an extension of your eyeshadow.


Pro tip: you might want to do the toned down version first, and opt for the elevated look for live music shows, concerts, Halloween, etc. There’s a time and a place, ladies!


Products to Look Into


Deciding On A Look

On an average day, I switch on and off between minimalistic, glowy goddess and 90’s grunge. If I’m lazy, I go minimal. If I’m going out with the man friend, it’s glowy goddess. But the 90’s look is sort of my go-to for most occasions and lack thereof.


What I’m trying to say is that every girl will choose one look for particular situations, another for special occasions, etc. No woman sticks with one look for everything, everyday, day or night. That defeats the whole point of makeup, which is to just have fun!


Express yourself while simultaneously working in tandem with your natural features. Makeup shouldn’t make you look like a different person. It should play off what you already bring to the table.


For Thanksgiving, think about who’s attending, where it will be, and what the overall vibe will be. My family dresses up, and everyone is pretty glammed up, so glowy goddess prevails overall. However, this year, I’m having a low-key holiday dinner here at home instead, just with my boyfriend and cat, so the vibe is completely different.


We’re all about being comfy in our comfy home. It’s a down-to-earth vibe where minimal makeup is more than welcome. However, it’s a holiday, and it’s special to me as it’s my first time not celebrating it with everyone, so I’m going for a 90’s look.


If you’re having trouble deciding, another thing that might help is selecting an outfit first, as that will sort of dictate how glammed up your makeup should be. If you’re wearing a long, flowy dress, try glowy makeup. If it’s more of jeans and booties, opt for 90’s.


One final thing to consider is how much work you’ll be doing. My Thanksgiving, because it’s just us three, I’m going to be working in the kitchen for a few hours. However, it’s not like I’m making big portions of food. I’m making the basics, but not serving 50 people here. I can afford to wear minimal makeup while cooking, just in case I break a sweat, and then touch things up and add a 90’s twist once I’m done cooking.


I hope you’ve all enjoyed my post! If you know any other vegan beauty products that could aid in these looks, or other looks, let everyone know in the comments!

Stay gorgeous, ladies!


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