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Remember to Greet Your Squirrel Friends!

Squirrels exist in nearly every habitat on Earth, and have 285 species. There are pygmy tree squirrels, and ones that are nearly 20 lbs. (gray marmots of Kazakhstan). Some can even fly, thanks to a membrane that helps them to kind of coast and sail with the wind.

And other than being beyond adorable, they are quite useful. Also called “nature’s planters,” they bury nuts for winter, and often forget where they’ve hidden them. Lost nuts become more trees!

A single gray squirrel can bury thousands of nuts every season, something better known as scatter hoarding.



And they have a lot of trouble to deal with on top of having the pressure of making sure our forests are lush with trees. Up to 25% of their nuts are lost to petty thievery from other squirrels!

Now that beats your annoying neighbor.

So, remember this PSA: greet your fellow squirrel friends when you see them this lovely fall season! They have busy schedules.

Winter is coming!



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