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Happy Thanksgiving, From The Crunchy Writer!

I just wanted to take a minute out of my crazy day to wish everyone a happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all take the time today to reflect on the good things in your lives, and put those worries aside. We always focus on what we don’t have, or what we can’t seem to accomplish, but this is the holiday that reminds us to just… breathe and eat, and let loose a little!


Today has been busy, busy so far. I’ve made all the classics, including:

  • mash potatoes (vegan)
  • gravy (vegan)
  • stuffing (vegan)
  • green bean casserole (not vegan, but it’s for the bf, I’m not a green bean fan)
  • tofurky for me/ham for the bf and cat
  •  pumpkin pie
  • and Tarte Tatin


We still have to eat, clean up, and relax for a second before Black Friday shopping, so that’s exciting!


We’re totally sleeping in tomorrow. 


How’s everyone’s Thanksgiving? Share your favorite vegan holiday meals with me!


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Writer. Marketer. Vegan.

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