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3 Ways to Make Your Home Smell Like Christmas

If you’re hosting anyone for Christmas, surely you want to make your home as cozy and festive as possible. Light a fire, play the classic Christmas music, and make your home smell like cheer.


So, just how can you make it smell that good? Glade can only do so much. Plus, it smells strong and artificial. It doesn’t last.


1) Use Your Stovetop


Think cinnamon, cloves, star anise, oranges, lemons and nutmeg. Add whatever Christmas spices you want to a pot of water, almost filling it, and let it simmer on your stove for 2-4 hours. Add more water as needed, or you’ll have a Christmas disaster on your hands!


2) Make Sachets

christmas DIY

Have you ever seen those tiny envelopes filled with lavender or something? You put them in a sock drawer to keep your clothes from smelling… old.


Well, you can make a Christmas version. Take some muslin and sew it. Make tiny bags. It’s much easier than it sounds! Take it from someone who recently learned how to knit after watching 2 YouTube videos. Sewing is even easier. But you can also buy them premade, if that’s your thing.


Once you’re done, add some dried herbs in there that remind you of Christmas. Rosemary is common, but mint also works. Sage too.


Make sure to put them throughout the areas of your home where guests will be gathering. Behind the couch, so they can smell it in the living room, tucked away in a basket in the bathroom, etc.


3) Make Pomanders!


This is my absolute favorite DIY option on the list. You take a large, whole lemon or orange (a fruit you have to peel to eat) and stud it with cloves.


You can stud it all over, stud it in a line, or make designs on it, like snowflakes, stars or bells.


Then, place them in a bowl and leave them out for days at a time. The citrus and clove smell will fill your house subtly, and create an ongoing aroma until it just can’t anymore.


That means you should do this a day before a party.


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