Very Crunchy Goals for 2018

I don’t post about myself too often. I like to keep things relevant to veganism, including food, beauty and life. But technically speaking, posting about myself is relevant to life as a vegan. And moving forward, I want to shine a light on everything to do with conscious living, including myself.


For this post, I figured I’d start by examining 2017’s events, and highlighting what I want to accomplish in 2018. It’s my hope that by viewing what I’ve done, new vegans, or those thinking of making a transition, can better get a handle on this crazy, wonderful journey.


It wasn’t until 2017 that I really gave veganism a chance. And by chance I mean taking the time to fully understand what it is, what it entails, and why. Up until then, I didn’t really care to learn more about it, because most people have that notion that it’s an extremist thing to do, you know?


“Oh, give up cheese, give up all dairy, all meat? No, what am I going to eat?!”


I was actually following plenty of food bloggers on Instagram at the time, and had slowly been adding more vegans to my feed. It was interesting, seeing all this delicious food and realizing that no animals had to die to make it. No animal products of any kind.


Ice cream, pizza, Chinese takeout, pancakes, etc. You name it.


Well, this peaked my interest, but I didn’t know that I had the willpower to just… give all these things up. I questioned how I’d go out to eat with my non-vegan bf, how I’d eat at family functions, like the holidays.


In fact, it wasn’t until one day when I was binging on beauty tutorials on YouTube that I realized a few things:

  1. Most of my makeup was already vegan and cruelty-free.
  2. Most of the brands I loved were, in fact, vegan.
  3. And I’d been watching plenty of Kat Von D makeup tutorials, which if you somehow don’t know by now, is a vegan makeup brand. It wasn’t initially, but they’ve been transitioning to new formulas.


This got me thinking about something specific: if I already was supporting vegan beauty brands, and you can make all this delicious food the vegan way, what was I doing still eating animals?


Well, that’s when I found this video…


Finally, I think this gave me the push I needed to really dig deeper. I’d been stalking vegan accounts on social media, I’d been unknowingly supporting vegan makeup brands, and it was time to really figure it all out.


The following days consisted of reading vegan books and blogs, watching documentaries, learning about the meat industry, about slaughterhouses and the effects of animal products on the human body. I kind of gave myself an in-depth crash course, so to speak.


In a span of a few days, I’d gone fully vegan. I was already a vegetarian at the time, but I slowly cut out all meat, and eventually got used to it. It didn’t take long at all, really. I carefully noted what was vegan and what wasn’t in my fridge and pantry. Noted what restaurants were still OK for me to eat at. Downloaded helpful apps that save me at any moment’s notice (see vegan resources for a list of all helpful apps).


And ever since my transition, I’ve been blogging here on TCW, researching more on the meat and dairy industries, staying firm in my choice and lifestyle, and most importantly, trying to connect with other vegans.


So What Are My 2018 Goals?

The Crunchy Writer 2018

My overall objective for 2018 is to really build on the foundation that I’ve built in 2017. I feel like this year has sort of been the beginning of a new way of viewing the world. It’s led me to be more compassionate toward others, more… willing to understand why other people do as they do. It’s helped me sort of… see more than black and white, really. I now understand the grey areas in between, you know, where life actually happens.


I think before, I was very much just eating meat and dairy because most people do. But ever since going vegan, it’s as if I can… breathe better. I am more active, more energetic, more lively and overall happier. Being a vegan has helped me feel more connected with the world at large, with all of nature. I am more humble now, I understand that I am a small piece of a much larger puzzle, and that despite my inability to change the world, I am at least doing something. And that helps even just a little.


So my goals for 2018 are…

  1. Continue to chronicle my journey and my findings and recipes here on TCW.
  2. Watching many more vegan documentaries, and YouTube channels.
  3. Read more vegan blogs.
  4. Support at least one good animal cause, whether it’s in the form of a donation, exposure through a post, or physically aiding them in any way I can.
  5. Connect with fellow vegans.


Fun fact, Dane, Fen and I are uprooting and moving to Washington State sometime around March or April 2018. That’s fairly early in the new year, and right before my 27th birthday in May!


If you don’t know, or aren’t in the States, WA is very healthy, and there’s plenty of vegans and outdoorsy types out there. Hiking, organic produce, shopping locally, and vegan restaurants are things out there.


So I think the move will help to make new vegan friends, expose Dane to vegan restaurants, and help me find an animal cause to join. It’s also a dream of mine to take a cooking class in William Sonoma or Sur la Table, so it’s happening.


What are your 2018 goals?