The Crunchy Writer’s Review of Nando’s Peri-Peri | Restaurant Review

In honor of a new year, I’ve decided to help fellow vegans by reviewing different restaurants. In these reviews, I’ll be scoring a number from 1-10 not based on their entire menu, but on how vegan friendly they are.


Because most people, including myself, don’t always go to those super healthy, vegan specialty places, I’ll be focusing on restaurants that are super well-known, or that are local around my neighborhood.


This week, it’s Nando’s Peri-Peri, known for their chicken dishes and Peri-Peri sauce. Better known as African Bird’s Eye, this pepper is tasty and the cornerstone of the entire South African restaurant.


For their FULL VEGAN MENU, check out The Wild Life’s post. It’s 100% complete and insightful.


The thing about Nando’s is that the food is delicious. And more than that, it’s a really nice atmosphere. You go in, get seated and then have a chance to look at the menu before getting up and ordering at the cashier. You do things on your own time, so it’s a blend of casual meets restaurant dining.


It’s probably one of my top three places in that there’s so many options for vegans. We’re not stuck with one thing from the menu. There’s many other dishes we can order, making us feel like we have control finally. Rather than settling for whatever’s available. 


When I go, I typically order the Veggie burger (Mango & Lime glaze) with peri-salted chips. It’s sweet, but savory. And the fries have a nice crunch to them, perfectly golden.


The best part about this particular order is that you can get it as a pita or a wrap too. In a pita, it’s amazing! I haven’t tri d the wrap just yet, but that’s next on my list.


In terms of vegan friendliness, I score Nando’s Peri-Peri an 9 out of 10.


I’ll tell you why: it’s delicious, there’s plenty of options, and you can customize your order to be as healthy as you need it to be. It’s ideal for vegans who want options. BUT… there’s only one vegan dessert, the passionfruit gelato.


Still, if you’re looking for a good date night meal, or had a crazy day and are too tired to cook, go to Nando’s! You won’t be disappointed.