Welcome to The Crunchy Writer!

For all those who don’t know already, or are new to the site, my name is Jenn and I’m the vegan blogger behind this awesome corner of the internet.

Recently, I’ve begun expanding The Crunchy Writer to not just be an entertainment blog for vegans, but to be more of a resource. Whether you’re new to veganism, or you’ve been a vegan for years and years, this website has something for you. It’s packed with recipes, informative articles, resources and product reviews that I absolutely 100% vouch for.

Here’s how to best use The Crunchy Writer:

New Vegans

Check out the vegan resources page for direct links to sources that helped me on my journey. Select a documentary, a book, a vegan website, or YouTubers to follow and learn something useful today.

Established Vegans

If you’ve been a vegan for years, chances are you don’t need to learn more about the importance of leading a compassionate lifestyle. You probably need recipes, food tips and more information on beauty products.

Or maybe you just want to bond more over the vegan lifestyle with me!


If you’re here and you need some vegan blog posts/articles, we should work together! I write about:

  1. Vegan food/recipes
  2. Vegan beauty
  3. Vegan Lifestyles

Or maybe you have a vegan product you’d like me to try. In that case, remember I only post about products that I absolutely 100% vouch for. In this spirit, I encourage you send a small sample of your product first, so I can give it a try before agreeing to working with you.

Check out the collaboration page for more in-depth detail, or reach out to me via the contact page for a quote.