Jenn’s Latest Crunchy Haul

I already discussed how I’ll be reviewing restaurants based on vegan-friendliness, but I’ve also decided to implement “crunchy hauls” to the blog this year.


What’s a crunchy haul?


Why, only the latest and greatest vegan stuff I can find, of course. Every month, I try to find some pretty awesome life-changing items that I can’t get enough of. So, I’m going to be unleashing the happiness with you guys!




This week, my haul consisted of….

  1. Tru-Nut Powdered Peanut Butter – Original Flavor, with 85% less fat than regular peanut butter
  2. It’s Wholesome Vegan & Organic High-Protein Pancake/Waffle Mix


Notice, there’s also soap and essential oils in my haul. Because those aren’t food, I’ll be writing up a separate post for those. Let’s take a look at the food items for now. 


Peanut Butter

I love peanut butter, but most people assume that if you eat it every single day, you’ll get fat. Honestly, the thing that makes you fat is overeating anything. Say you burn 2400 calories per day, minimum, like me. If you eat more than the amount of calories than you’re burning, you’re bound to gain weight. Even if you’re binging on peas and carrots and lettuce, tomatoes, apples, etc. Fact is, you’re still eating more calories than you’re burning in the day. Even if you’re burning a whopping 2400 calories per day, you’re still eating more than you’re burning!


So, it’s not the peanut butter, guys, stop blaming the poor peanut butter. And the bananas, for that matter. In the morning, I sometimes have a banana with some peanut butter, and it is a great way to start the day. It’s high in good fats, so it gives me a nice calorie boost in the morning before my walk/jog. Plus, I get to spoil myself a bit before stuffing my face with salad for lunch or something.


Anyway, the Tru-Nut! It was… really, really good. You might wonder why on earth you even need, or should want powdered peanut butter, but here’s a few reasons off the top of my head:

  • Recipes that require you to blend in peanut butter can sometimes get messy and time-consuming, because pb isn’t exactly the easiest to work with. You may have to heat it up. On the other hand, you just add this stuff in and you’re done. It incorporates really easily.
  • It makes cleaning dishes even easier, great for my fellow lazy vegans.
  • It has 5g of plant protein, because we all know protein comes from plants, NOT animals. That’s recycled protein, because they eat grass. So tired of  “where do you get your protein?” Too much protein can cause some health concerns, in case you didn’t know. There’s basically no diet or form of eating on earth that will leave you deprived of protein. But, alas, for the sake of argument: 5g of plant protein.
  • Gluten-free and non-GMO, if that’s how you party. Gluten-free is created for people with a gluten allergy, contrary to popular belief. Eating it won’t cause issues, so that’s not important to me specifically, because I don’t have the allergy. But the GMO thing is actually, well, a thing. Most vegan food will have a Non-GMO Project label on it, so we’re good, but the thing about GMO is that it’s certified crops that weren’t… spliced to yield more crops for monetary value. Or as Lauren Toyota from Radimo explains in her post:

“The most predominant GMO crops are corn, soy, and wheat. GMO refers to plants and animals created by gene-splicing techniques. They were first created to yield better crops, help farmers, and hopefully solve world hunger, but instead it’s just created a lot of health and environmental concerns… The fact that the safety of consuming GMO’s is totally unproven makes me feel uneasy and definitely makes me want to avoid eating them as much as possible. Also eating less toxic pesticides feels better to me than eating food covered in pesticides, so I try to eat mostly organic.”

Obviously, not everyone can afford to eat mostly organic foods, but what I find helpful is the classic “buy veggies and fruits and wash the crap out of them!”

  • What drew me the most is the fact that it is healthier than normal peanut butter, at only 50 calories per serving, versus 105 or more.


As for the taste? I love it. It’s very peanut butter-y, it’s tasty, it’s flavorful. And it goes well in peanut butter banana nice cream 🙂


Pancake/Waffle Mix

This one I have mixed feelings about. Again….

  • Organic
  • Gluten-free
  • High-protein -_-
  • Non-GMO 🙂
  • Vegan 🙂
  • 210 calories per 1/2 cup of mix


Here’s why I have mixed feelings: you can use vinegar rather than an egg and it won’t taste like it, you can use non-dairy milk, like coconut or almond or soy, and it will turn out just fine, but whatever you do…




Here’s why: it calls for 1/2 cup milk and 1 teaspoon of vinegar. The vinegar is fine, that’s totally egg replacement worthy. It’s the milk that’s a problem. The batter needs to be “thick,” because if it’s too watery, the center won’t cook. At least that’s what the bag says.


So dumb, old me did as the bag stated, and wound up with one (not two) pancake that was overly thick, and still not outright cooked in the middle. The thick batter won’t spread, so it creates an unsightly pancake.


So, again, don’t follow the 1/2 cup measurement, go for at least 3/4 cup of milk. Batter should be thick, but runny, more of a hybrid between thick and watery, like regular pancake batter. You could even experiment with this and add more or less as needed. I’ll be experimenting myself for sure, but for now, I find 3/4 is alright. 1/2 was terrible.


If you get it right, you wind up with two beautiful pancakes that you can top with whatever you want. I use Vermont maple syrup, because Vermont does one thing better than anyone else, and that’s maple syrup. I also add some fruit on top, like blueberries or strawberries. Because the calorie intake is a bit high for me, I don’t use bananas. See?? Time and a place for everything, people. Bananas are fine, just maybe skip them when you have 210 calories worth of pancakes, with 101 calories of maple syrup… in one sitting.


As for the taste? It’s OK. Not the most amazing pancakes you’ll ever try. But, that being said, they’re not the worst I’ve ever tried either. They taste… organic and high-protein. They taste healthy. And I find that I have been able to eat healthy, without sacrificing flavor, for a long time now. My food does not taste… healthy beyond belief, even though it actually is! So I was expecting more from this mix. You can feel good about what you’re eating, or you can feel good about what you’re eating while also enjoying it, you know?


That being said, not the worst. I’ll definitely be polishing off the bag, and then I’ll try my hand at another pancake mix. Or make my own, for that matter. Saves money, saves taste too apparently.


So there you have it, my very first crunchy haul post. Let me know what you think I should try next!