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Jenn’s Crunchy Haul #2

If you read my previous post, I reviewed It’s Wholesome High-Protein Pancake/Waffle Mix, and Tru-Nut Powdered Peanut Butter.


This time, it’s Dr. Bronner’s Hemp Peppermint Bar Soap and Art Naturals Artisan Essential Oil Set.


It goes without saying that both of these items are vegan and cruelty-free.


Let’s start with the soap.



This soap is a godsend, and that’s coming from an atheist, guys. This is an amazing bar of soap. It also comes in liquid soap, and plenty of other scents, so check out the hilarious website.


The peppermint one tingles on your skin, it’s a nice sensation. You feel super clean after using it, and it’s nice knowing you’re not using all of this… horrible stuff that goes into traditional soap. No more things that ages your skin prematurely.


What’s best about this soap is how useful it is outside of a shower too. What I like to do is buy the bar of soap, because it’s cheaper than the liquid solution, and then cut it in half. Half goes to my shower as a body wash (I like to melt it down, but sometimes I just say whatever and use it on my wash cloths, which I have several of). The other half goes into my cleaning solution, which you’ll find a post on here.


Essential Oils

I love this gift. I got it for Christmas and ever since, I’ve… seen the light! I was looking for an essential oil and diffuser set of my own, so when I got it, it was a pleasant surprise.


The kit I got has 8 oils, each with a different scent, and it’s a good buy with the diffuser, because one of these oils alone is $15. Better to buy the sets.


The diffuser I got is a pale pink, like the iPhone color, and it’s small enough to fit in a tight space, if you’re running out of outlets, like me >.>


There’s also a color mode, two actually. One where the colored light changes, and the other where it stays set in the color you prefer.


About 5-6 drops is all you need, fill up the container with water to the fill line, and you’re ready to sit back and enjoy the scent, which fills the room in minutes.


Set it to always on, on for an hour, or three, whatever floats your boat. Watch the steam rise up, glowing with the light, and smell peppermint, tea tree, lavender, etc. Whatever oil you want.


I love this thing, and the oils are so awesome. It’s a great way to unwind and relax.


What do you think I should try next? Let me know!


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