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The Crunchy Writer’s Review of the Wendy’s Vegan Menu | Restaurant Review

Sometimes a girl just needs Wendy’s, alright? And yeah, I’m a healthy eater, but still. Only human. The good news is that you can get Wendy’s and still be… HEALTHY? 


No way, right? No way!


Absolutely, guys. You can. See the full vegan menu right here, courtesy of PETA.


But what did I order on this occasion? I got a garden side salad with no croutons, dressing or cheese. That’s not vegan friendly. I also got a veggie sandwich, which is tomatoes and lettuce in a bun. Then when I got home, I added veganaise and sandwiched some fries in there too. Oh, also, I got fries! Oh, yes. Minus the fries, it was all healthy and reasonable. The medium fries set me back 420 calories, but god it was so worth it. I ate it all without going over my calorie intake for the day, and I got filled up.


The Crunchy Writer


So my rating of Wendy’s? I’m going to give it a 6. 


Here’s why:

  1. Not too many options that go well as an easy to order meal. You definitely have slim pickings…
  2. And because you have slim pickings, you essentially need to get creative. It requires more effort. For instance, if I order a plain baked potato with nothing but chives on it, I have to go back home to add my vegan butter and cheese to it. If I order a veggie sandwich, I need to go home and add vegan mayo in it. If I order a garden side salad, I prefer to just go home and add my own vegan dressing in it, because they only have 3 vegan ones and… they’re decent at best.
  3. Finally, what you can order is delicious. 


So, it may not be the best place to eat every night or every week, but that goes for everyone. You can walk into Wendy’s when you’re in the mood for fast food, but you’ll walk out with about…200 calories worth of food, if you’re good. If not, you might be in for 600-700. Still, if you have the calories to spare and you’re in the mood and you know it’s not often, why not?


*noms on fries* Plus, just think of how amazing it is to be able to eat these babies knowing no animals were killed or abused in the process. It’s fry heaven!


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