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Help Save B.C. Wolves! | Activism

If you read my goals for this year, then you know I’ve been looking for a way to give back and help animals in need.


Well, this morning just scrolling through my feed, I found it: a petition to help save B.C. wolves. Turns out that they are looking to increase wolf trapping, something so cruel and so incomprehensible for a human to go through, and yet, here we are – putting another life form through it. These wolves often try to get out, and can’t. They go as far as chewing themselves out of these traps, only to die from excruciating pain and blood loss.


So, if you want to help me help them, sign the petition and share it on social media like I did.


Moving forward, I’m making activism a new category on TCW, so if you feel like helping causes with me, check these mini awareness posts out.


Thank you you all for signing and caring, for standing up for those who can’t, and for helping to keep our fellow humans in line.


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