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Daiya vs. American Flatbread: The Ultimate Vegan Pizza Battle

I recently found two pizzas at my local grocery store, both vegan and both awesome in their own ways. One is the Daiya Supreme pizza and the other is American Flatbread Vegan Harvest (cheese).


As I promised on Instagram, I am going to review them in detail without holding back! Let’s get to it.





The Daiya Supreme pizza was delicious. It definitely hit all the notes that I look for in a pizza, which is a nice balance of softness and crunchiness, with tasty toppings and gooey cheese.

However, I have to say that the better tasting pizza was the American Flatbread Vegan Harvest. Despite the fact that it was essentially just a cheese pizza, it was… much more delicious! The cheese was creamy, the herbs brought everything together. And it was as though everything came together in high-quality harmony.

Meanwhile, with the Daiya one, it came off like they just expected it all to taste good because how can you mess up vegan sausage and red peppers and mushrooms with cheese? No effort to elevate anything, it was just thrown together into a good, but not amazing, combination.



The thing about crust is that everyone has a different preference. If you like a thinner, crunchy crust, then Daiya has you covered. If you prefer something thicker and more artesian, then it’s American Flatbread. I like both, but sometimes I’m in the mood for a specific type of crust over the other.



I loved the toppings in the Daiya pizza a lot. It’s mushrooms, red pepper, green pepper, onions and Italian sausage. I don’t like onion, but I just took those off, ha!

The cheese on the American Flatbread pizza was pretty amazing though. In fact, it kind of… beat the Italian sausage hands down.

Both pizzas tasted good, but the one I keeps commenting on while eating was the American Flatbread.



Both pizzas were on the pricey side at $9 each. However, I find that even at that price, paying $18, I essentially paid about as much as one pizza from a big chain like Papa John’s.


The Crunchy Writer Vegan Blog


Looking at it that way, I got two pizzas for the price of one, and both were vegan. Not bad.


Overall Winner

I find that health is a huge factor when selecting pizza, at least for me. Health and taste. All in all, American Flatbread had the better taste, the better crust, the better cheese (it was creamy), and the better health factor. It was 260 calories per 1/2 of the pizza versus 340 for a 1/4 of the pizza.

I would hands down get it again, but I would totally keep walking past the Daiya. And I feel like that’s saying a lot, because it was the Supreme. Despite all the toppings, I’d rather go the cheese pizza route, because it was that good.


I hope you enjoyed this review! Stay tuned for more reviews where I compare food and clue you in on what could be your next favorite.


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