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Why Elf Cosmetics Is the Most Vegan AF Makeup Brand Ever

Here’s why I love, love, love Elf Cosmetics: all of their makeup, all of it, is vegan. Every concealer, mascara, foundation, everything! All of their brushes are vegan. All of their skincare, as far as I can see, is vegan. Basically everything they sell.


Oh, and they don’t sell in China, which requires animal testing. So, to avoid having to do that, they choose not to sell their products there.


Because they only use plant-based ingredients in their products, and avoid having to animal test, they can afford to price things affordably. They sell their products in basically every store – Target, Walmart, CVS, Giant Foods, etc. When I went to Galveston, TX a few months ago, I even saw it in Kroger. Of course, Ulta Beauty also sells it, or you can purchase it online through their Elf Cosmetics site directly and enjoy their rewards program.


Back when I wasn’t vegan, I used to wear a lot of Urban Decay, which is owned my L’Oreal (they test on animals). UD has some vegan items and doesn’t animal test, but I feel a little dirty knowing that their parent company does and when you purchase UD makeup, you’re essentially supporting L’Oreal.


But see, most of my makeup was vegan already. Without realizing it, I’d already done a good job of weeding out most of my non-vegan makeup at the time. I wasn’t even a vegan, I just wanted more natural makeup, because the idea of animal substances sitting on your face… *cringe*


My point here is, I’ve tried a lot of makeup over the years, some vegan, some not, and I have to say, hands down… I would choose Elf Cosmetics. Not only are they entirely vegan and cruelty-free, they also put out great makeup that blends really well, lasts a long time (like all day). For the price tag, it’s mind blowing! If they charged four or five times what they do currently, I’d still buy it. It’s amazing quality and feels super light on my face.


There are plenty of other vegan companies out there selling entirely vegan and cruelty-free products, but I have yet to find something as cheaply priced without skimping on quality.


And, furthermore, I’m so happy that they don’t use and abuse any animals, unlike companies like CoverGirl. If you want to know what I’m talking about and have a strong stomach, here’s a link. 



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