Bare Bones Body Review

Bare Bones Body & You | Beauty Product Review

A few weeks ago, I purchased my very first Bare Bones Body facial cleansing kit. It includes one no-suds cleanser, one toner spray, and one jar of moisturizer along with two chapsticks.

Bare Bones Body Review

Thing is, I saved $5 by purchasing it from Vegan Cuts, which if you don’t already know about it, go check it out now!

Also, I didn’t get the two chapsticks from this image, I got the coffee, which I love, and the Citrus IPA, which I don’t. I’m guessing they just pick whichever two as part of the special, so you don’t really know what you’ll get.

Bare Bones Body Review

So what did I think about it all? Did I get my $30 worth?


The Pros

  1. The products come in some decent sized bottles, especially the moisturizer, so it does last a long time.
  2. A little goes a long way.
  3. The toner is super refreshing.
  4. The moisturizer is great for winter hands, in fact, I don’t think they’ve ever been this soft and moisturized during any other winter. Last winter, my knuckles cracked a little and it was so painful! Not this year.
  5. The moisturizer also looks really good and feels really good on your face. It even makes your makeup glide on better.
  6. The toner has several benefits, including balancing the oil on your face, fights acne, fights eczema, fights psoriasis, refreshes skin, and helps minimize pores.
  7. Overall, it’s not the most expensive kit out there, I’ve definitely seen some in the hundred dollars or more range.
  8. I really like the vegan, organic ingredients

Bare Bones Body


The Cons

  1. For the money, and I calculated this based on the price of each individual ingredient based on Walmart prices, I could make this all myself and save about $9 to $14, depending whether I get it from Bare Bones, or Vegan Cuts. And it’s not a lot of work, we’re talking purchasing $5 witch hazel already infused with rose water and adding some $0.50 lemon juice to it for the toner. Tea tree oil I purchase for about $1.50 – $2, and I have roses already, so adding the petals to water to make rose water isn’t expensive. The only thing is the vegetable glycerin,Β $5.70 at Walmart. Everyone purchases olive oil anyway, for cooking, so I didn’t bother calculating that, but the coconut oil and shea butter altogether total $8.65. All in all, it’s less money, and not hard to make AT ALL.
  2. It’s minimal, but the packaging changes all the time. I purchased this set a few weeks ago, maybe less than two months ago, and already looking at the Bare Bones Body website, the toner has a different top, so it’s no longer a spray (compare images above). Also, on Vegan Cuts, you can see some older packaging. It’s not that the packing isn’t nice, it just sucks reordering only to find you have to adjust to something new. Like the spray toner, it’s amazingly easy to apply. With a cap though, you need a little cotton ball for it, and it doesn’t feel as effective.
  3. I wish you could choose the lip balm you want. I hated the IPA, because honestly, IPA is the worst type of beer on the planet. But the coffee was a dream.
  4. The cleanser doesn’t make my face feel as clean as it should. I recently got some $4 Elf cleanser and it works like a charm. But this? It feels like I’m gliding some moderately stick water on my face and rinsing it with more warm water. It’s not about the suds either, it just… I tested it out to where I had wiped off most of my makeup, then used this cleanser, and then wiped my face again, and found makeup residue. Still! Tried it with the Elf and nothing! Clean as a whistle.


The Verdict

Overall, I’d give Bare Bones Body Cross Bone Special an 8 out of 10! It was great value for the buy, and it did provide a lot of product for the price. More so, the ingredients were wholesome, it’s vegan, and super easy to use.

There are a few cons, but mostly pros, and I’d suggest everyone try it at least once to see what they think.

Moving forward, I think I would definitely make the moisturizer, which is $15 from Bare Bones alone, and save myself an extra $6, because why not? Also, I think I rather just go for the $4 Elf cleanser, since it seemed more effective to me personally.

But the toner is a dream, and roughly the same price whether I were to make it or buy it from Bare Bones, so why not?

Also, I would gladly give my left arm for more coffee lip balm. It’s really good, you guys. Really, really good.



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