Do you need to hire a vegan freelancer for your vegan website or business project? If you need fresh copy to grow your blog, or a review to help market your vegan product, contact me! I love promoting delicious, nutritious food and compassionate lifestyles. Use the contact page to discuss rates and get started with your project.

*Note: sending me a sample is encouraged, as it will ensure I’ll try your product and work with you on marketing it through a detailed product review! Anything I happen to love will be shared with both my audience and yours.

The Crunchy Writer is based in Maryland.

How We Can Work Together

The Crunchy Writer Vegan Blog

I only work with vegan brands and websites/blogs.

I provide the following:

  • Vegan blog posts/articles on food, beauty and lifestyles
  • Vegan product reviews (only products I 100% vouch for, so samples are encouraged)

For samples of my work, check out the whole site! All copy is written by yours truly.


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